Lot Tour: 6 North Beach Lane

6 North Beach Lane is a small two bedroom-one bath house. It sits on the cove and has access to the water. It is very tiny. The current resident is Quinn Coghlan who is the desk sgt. for The Harbor PD.

Screen Shot 03-19-17 at 04.18 PM

6 North Beach Lane

Screen Shot 03-19-17 at 04.48 PM

The back yard

Screen Shot 03-19-17 at 04.47 PM

First floor

Screen Shot 03-19-17 at 04.47 PM 001

Second floor

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Meet…Quinn Coghlan

Meet resident Quinn Coghlan. Quinn lives in the harbor at  6 North Beach Lane. Quinn is originally from Ireland. She is currently employed at the Harbor PD as a Desk Sgt. It is her job to dispatch all emergency calls to the right department. She also is responsible for doing all the paperwork for the department. Quinn is a Scorpio sim who’s lifetime want is to have 50 first dates. She loves logical people who can cook. Her interests are the environment, crime, and politics. Her hobby is nature. She loves going to the Institute for Deep Sea Science. She loves to dress casual. Give her a pair of jeans and she’s a happy girl. She was crushing on her boss the police chief, Marcus Benton, but decided that it was better to just remain friends with him. She has a slight crush on the resident rock star, Tod Mumble but they don’t seem to get along too much so she is keeping her distance and admiring him from afar.

Update: After playing her for a while she met a nice townie named Justin Flowers. They fell in love and he moved in. Quinn just couldn’t hide her feelings for Marcus though and he came over and they made out (ACR) before I could stop them and they are in love with 3 bolts so Quinn broke up with Justin and he moved into the spare bedroom as her roommate. He is heartbroken but he got online and chatted with a few females to see what is out there.

Screen Shot 03-19-17 at 04.08 PM

Quinn Coghlan

Screen Shot 03-19-17 at 04.18 PM

Casa Coghlan

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Padget’s Outing

So I took Padget out on the town…well the harbor. I first took her to South Beach. She talked to a few other residents there but I didn’t think to take any pictures while she was there. The first picture is when she was at the diner for a bite to eat. The town stalker was there also. LOL The second and third pictures are at the museum. She was playing with the plant stand. The last picture was at the bowling alley where she stopped in to have a drink before heading home. She ran into the harbor’s resident rock star and he joined her for a drink.

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The Peabody’s…

Let me tell you a story about an elder couple named George & Prudence Peabody. The Peabody’s live in the Grand Old Manor at the top of the main road to Savannah Harbor. Prudence is a young 70 years old and her husband of 52 years, George is 75 years old. They have no children of their own so they have taken it upon themselves to play matchmaker to all the single residents of the harbor. They host daily parties at their manor complete with a scrumptious buffet prepared by Prudence. George hosts poker games and turns the music up loud for those who want to dance the smustle. They also play billiards and darts with their guests as well as great conversations at the dinner table. George is the current mayor of Savannah.

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A work in progress…

I am feverishly working on rebuilding Savannah. I am currently rearranging my game files and going to go in game and delete a bunch of Bodyshop files. Mostly outfits that I never use for my sims and the gaudy “orange-red” hairs that I have. I know I have way too many objects but I don’t know what to get rid of at the moment. My objects folder is my biggest hog. It’s at like 4 GB alone.

The new Savannah is a harbor as the main hood. I am using sub-hoods for my downtown and other areas. I am using “Elsewhere” from Plasticbox at MTS as my main hood. I am having issues with a couple of lots. One is an apartment lot that I can’t seem to get the middle apartment to work properly. I can’t place objects like a computer on the desk upstairs. I have another lot that is an island and the sim who lives there can’t leave the lot to go to work. I can’t seem to figure out how to use Inge’s portals so he can leave. I have searched for answers online and can’t find what I need. I have a small crashing issue when I am revamping the Backdoor Lane lots from Plasticbox at MTS. I think it’s because I have too much CC in my game. That is why I have been trying to downsize. I saved my downloads as is right now and I’m thinking about going in game and deleting stuff that I know I don’t use….such as computer (I only use Monique’s computers…I even sell the one that Rod delivers…lol). I also don’t use any phones except the ones that came with the game. I don’t know what else to banish from my game. I’d like to get rid of 1 GB from my objects folder. I am open to suggestions as to where else to go to streamline my game. My computer is getting old and I can’t afford a new one yet.

I only managed to delete 30 objects….lol. Not enough to make a difference in my opinion.

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The New Savannah…

The new Savannah is coming shortly…..keep watching.

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I’m baaaaccckkk!!!!

Hello everyone!! I am still kicking but real life has given me a twist and a half. On a personal note. I am now a working girl. I have a full time job processing insurance claims. I work Monday through Friday in the evenings and I don’t do much during the day because it’s kicking my butt. I am always tired. I need a little prayers for my family. We are experiencing some difficulties. I really haven’t played with my sims for a long time but I am going to SLOWLY give it another try. I had my first crash today but I am sure it’s because my hood has way too many lots in it so I am about to delete a bunch of them.

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