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I love The Sims 2. I will never quit playing it. I do tend to take time off and get bored with my hood and restart it. I am trying to not do that anymore.

Lot Tour: 6 North Beach Lane

6 North Beach Lane is a small two bedroom-one bath house. It sits on the cove and has access to the water. It is very tiny. The current resident is Quinn Coghlan who is the desk sgt. for The Harbor … Continue reading

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Meet…Quinn Coghlan

Meet resident Quinn Coghlan. Quinn lives in the harbor at  6 North Beach Lane. Quinn is originally from Ireland. She is currently employed at the Harbor PD as a Desk Sgt. It is her job to dispatch all emergency calls … Continue reading

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Padget’s Outing

So I took Padget out on the town…well the harbor. I first took her to South Beach. She talked to a few other residents there but I didn’t think to take any pictures while she was there. The first picture … Continue reading

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The Peabody’s…

Let me tell you a story about an elder couple named George & Prudence Peabody. The Peabody’s live in the Grand Old Manor at the top of the main road to Savannah Harbor. Prudence is a young 70 years old … Continue reading

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A work in progress…

I am feverishly working on rebuilding Savannah. I am currently rearranging my game files and going to go in game and delete a bunch of Bodyshop files. Mostly outfits that I never use for my sims and the gaudy “orange-red” … Continue reading

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The New Savannah…

The new Savannah is coming shortly…..keep watching.

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I’m baaaaccckkk!!!!

Hello everyone!! I am still kicking but real life has given me a twist and a half. On a personal note. I am now a working girl. I have a full time job processing insurance claims. I work Monday through … Continue reading

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