I’m baaaaccckkk!!!!

Hello everyone!! I am still kicking but real life has given me a twist and a half. On a personal note. I am now a working girl. I have a full time job processing insurance claims. I work Monday through Friday in the evenings and I don’t do much during the day because it’s kicking my butt. I am always tired. I need a little prayers for my family. We are experiencing some difficulties. I really haven’t played with my sims for a long time but I am going to SLOWLY give it another try. I had my first crash today but I am sure it’s because my hood has way too many lots in it so I am about to delete a bunch of them.


About savannahsims

I love The Sims 2. I will never quit playing it. I do tend to take time off and get bored with my hood and restart it. I am trying to not do that anymore.
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